Sunday, December 10, 2017

New Look 6415 - Black Crushed Velour Top

I started on a New Look 6415 long sleeved top with an asymmetrical hemline, that would be View B, a while ago.  A loooong while ago.  All I had left to do was to sew on the sleeves, and yesterday, I finally did it.  Here's my new top:

Here's the pattern:

What I really like about this top is that it has a neckline band.  I love neckline bands because they give the neckline a good look and are so easy to sew.  RTW bands are usually finished with serging, but I decided not to do that, as I didn't want to risk stretching the neckline out.  I left it unfinished and am happy with that decision.  It's comfortable and no one will see that it's unfinished.  Besides, I used a crushed stretch velour, and everybody knows that the seams on knits don't need to be finished because they don't ravel.

With this top in mind, when it was still a flat fold piece of fabric, I bought a couple of pairs of jeggings from Walmart to wear with this top.  I tell you, Walmart has the best deal on jeggings, and luckily, their cut fits me well.  The only thing about Walmart jeggings is that when you see a pair that you like, you have to get it or it will be sold out in your size.  Look at my jeggings:

Look at the flocked pattern - love it!

I am feeling much better, but am still recovering from the flu, and yesterday, I spent a part of the day lazing around watching QVC.  I saw a segment about IT mascara.  I love makeup, so it piqued my interest.  I actually couldn't tear myself away.  WOW!  I wanted to dial in and buy some.  But I could not see paying that much for mascara.  So I went into my makeup drawer and pulled out some lash lenghtening Revlon mascara that I just bought.  I hadn't used it, yet, and when I put it on, I was shocked!  It actually lengthened my lashes!  It didn't smear when I had it on, and when it was time to take it off, it came off very easily with my make up wipes.

I am so happy with the way this worked that I might even put away my false eyelashes.  Yes, it's that good!


Friday, December 8, 2017

PSA - Getting Over the Flu

I am getting over the flu, but I am still coughing and have some chest congestion going on.  Can't wait to wave buh-bye to this in the rear view mirror.  I am taking really good care of myself right now because I haven't had my pneumonia shot, yet (getting it next week) and am deathly afraid of my congestion turning into pneumonia.  I just read a really sad news story about a healthy 20 year old who was diagnosed with the flu on one day, and died from pneumonia on the day after her flu diagnosis.  If that can happen to a healthy 20 year old, it can happen to anyone!

If you are lucky enough to have dodged the flu thus far, please see your doctor about a flu shot, and a pneumonia shot.  If you do come down with the flu, go to the doctor right away and get some Tamiflu.  Having been knocked down by this year's flu, I can tell you that it is a really painful flu - you don't want to get it.  I have had the flu before, and it was never this painful. 

If you are not sick, you might want to think about wearing a flu mask to protect yourself - Kaiser sells them for 25 cents each.  If you get the flu and have to be around others, at home or out, definitely wear a flu mask so you don't spread it.  Some dummies might look at you like you're a pariah when they should really be thanking you!  But that's only because they don't realize that you are being responsible and are protecting them from getting what you have.  When you already have the flu, the mask is mostly not to protect you, it's to protect others from you.

When you cough, spit out the phlegm into some tissue or into the basin and wash it away.  I'm at the tail end, but my phlegm is still thick.  That's how bad this year's flu is.

And if possible, spray what you touch with Lysol to kill the germs.  I wore a mask and sprayed everything I touched at home - gotta be pro-active to protect others!

Please take care of yourself and those around you.  Drink lots of liquids, eat healthy, and get lots of rest!  And if you get sick, run to the doctor!  There is nothing wrong with running to the doctor.


Saturday, December 2, 2017

I Can't Justify my Vast Fabric and Pattern Stashes

Get your flu shot, as this season's flu is really painful!  I have been down with the flu for the past week.  UGH!  And am still coughing! YUCK!!!  Seemingly unending phlegm!  EEUUWWW!!!

But about sewing, whenever BMV or Simplicity/New Look come out with new collections, you can be sure that I will definitely buy a few new patterns from those collections.  I have a lot of patterns.  And when I am out shopping and see fabric that I like, you can bet that I will buy a few yards of it.  I have a lot of fabric.

Just the other week, I got rid of half of the fabric that I had.  H.A.L.F!  But that still left me with a lot.

I thin my patterns every couple of months, but then, I keep buying patterns, so even if I'm thinning my pattern stash, it never goes down.

David Cassidy just passed and his last words were, so much wasted time.  WOW!  It made me feel so sad for him - God bless him!  And it made me think about my sewing life.

To be honest, I hardly sew.  There, I said it. 

But I buy fabric and patterns like I was someone who sewed nonstop.  And then, when I see that I have waay too much, I get rid of a lot of it.  My other half told me it's like throwing money away. 

Getting an early start on my 2018 resolutions and from this point on, I am going to stop buying so much fabric - not ready to stop buying patterns, yet, because I will still buy patterns for trendy styles.  But as for fabric, I am sewing from stash only until half of my stash is gone.

More resolutions to come.


Friday, November 3, 2017

Halloween Jacket and Some Works in Progress

My next project was going to be a wrap dress, but I made a powder puff Piratress' jacket for myself to wear on Halloween instead.  I made it at the last minute and had no intention of keeping it, so I sewed it like a cheap costume - nice looking on the outside, but sloppy on the inside, and it has already been tossed:

I wore it over a black knit zipper front jumpsuit tucked into knee high boots and accessorized with a lot of junky jewelry necklaces.  I already had the jumpsuit and boots in my wardrobe, and the tie ribbon, grommets, and fabric came from my stash.  I spent a total of around $23 on my costume - $20 for the cheap-o junky jewelry necklaces that I wore with this and $3 for a pirate's hat.  The jewelry is too gaudy to keep, so it's being donated, but I'm hanging on to the pirate's hat.

I also started on a couple of projects that I expect to finish this weekend:

A crushed velour top using New Look 6415:

All I have left is to attach the sleeves and to hem it, and hopefully, I'll finish it this weekend.

Animal prints are trending with me this season.  I just bought an animal print wrap dress that I absolutely love:

I wanted to make more in that animal print, but couldn't find fabric like that. . . until I was at Ross'.  While I was browsing there, I saw an Anne Klein animal printed cold shoulder top, and got it, but when I got it home and tried it on, it didn't fit me, so back it went.  When I was there to return the top, I saw some fully flared/tent animal printed ITY dresses that cost $11.99 each. 

When I looked at them, I didn't see dresses.  I saw hard to find fabric.  Because they're tent dresses, each dress is the equivalent of around 1.25 yards of cut-able fabric.  When I was at the fabric store, the only animal printed knit fabric I saw was a gray and black zebra print that was selling at $17.98 a yard.  It looked too busy so I passed on it.  I definitely consider the dresses I bought to use as fabric a complete bargain! 

It's exactly what I wanted, so I got enough of them to make these and a cold shoulder top:

I've already started on the fitted empire cowl top with cut in shoulders, Vogue 2570 - a TNT for me.  I love this style and currently have 3 in my wardrobe (black, red, gray) which I wear all the time.  Whenever I don't know what to wear, I'll wear one of them.  It's nice having go-to pieces and I'm really glad to finally be adding a printed one to my wardrobe! 


Wednesday, November 1, 2017

My BMV Order

I ordered patterns from BMV on 10/25/17 and they are slated to get to me by 11/14/17.  Does that seem reasonable to you?  It doesn't seem reasonable to me. 

When the family owned BMV, they used to ship via first class or priority mail.  Now that they no longer own BMV, the new guys are charging the same prices, but are shipping via parcel select, fka parcel post.  Not much of a price differential, but a whole lot of s-l-o-w-e-r service!

I just emailed them about this and I am pretty sure that they are not going to change, so when my BMV membership lapses, I will not be renewing it, and if I really want a BMV pattern, I will turn to other sources to buy it.  Or I'll start drafting. 


Saturday, October 14, 2017

OMG! Pretty is Back in Vogue Patterns!

The latest release of Vogue patterns is absolutely DA BOMB!  Finally, they have put 'pretty' back in their designs again!

Love this dress, but if I make this, I will change the neckline:

Love it all, but will make some changes to suit me:

Love the first top as is, but don't care for the rest of the pieces:

Love it all!!!

LOVE!  Definitely make this as is!

Love the pants, but don't care for the jacket/top:

And they even came up with a great men's jacket!

This weekend, I am definitely sewing!  Right now, I am leaning towards making a wrap dress:


Monday, October 9, 2017

Simplicity 2258 - Ponte Skirt and RTW adjustments

I made another ponte skirt with my TNT, Simplicity 2258:

I know how difficult it is to see details on black, so here it is lightened:

Hmm. . . that's not much better.  You can see the details on the pattern:

It has two pockets (I love pockets!) and an elastic waistband (comfort!).  It's a straightforward pattern that sews up quite easily and quickly.  And that wears beautifully!

What I am really over the moon about with this skirt is the quality of the fabric.  I used a ponte from Kaimuki Dry Goods here in Honolulu that cost $17.98 a yard.  Kaimuki Dry goods has the best fabrics on the island!  Their fabrics are expensive, but they are worth it!

The pattern that I used is a TNT that I have made countless times before, but I don't have any other skirts made with this pattern in my wardrobe right now.  I made my previous ones with a ponte that I got from Walmart that cost less than $6 a yard.  The trouble with that ponte is that it pilled very quickly.  After one wearing, I could actually see the fabric wearing away.  After 3 washings, anything I made with it was pilled too badly to wear anymore, so I'd toss it.  The fabric was cheap so I'd just get more and sew another one.  But my time is limited, and I was getting tired of wasting my time on a skirt that would only last a minute.  I still had more of the fabric, but it sat in the stash because I didn't want to bother with it.   

When I found the good quality ponte this weekend, I finally found the courage to throw all of the Walmart ponte out the door.  And while I was at it, I decided to throw out all of the other fabric that I did not love.  I mean ALL of it.  I tossed 5 large lawn garbage bags full of fabric too yucky to use, and I am feeling much lighter now.  I think I can get rid of even more and am going through my fabric stash one more time.  From now on, I am not getting fabric unless I really love it and it's good quality.

What finding the good ponte made me realize is that I'd rather have one good item than a lot of junk throwaway ones. 

This weekend, I also adjusted some RTW to fit me:

Anne Klein white top - took the shoulders in and raised the armhole:

Anne Klein jacket - took the shoulders in:

Anne Klein mock turtle neck ITY top - took it in at the sides to be fitted, took the shoulders in and raised the armholes:

That's more sewing than I've done in a while! 


Sunday, September 10, 2017

Planning for my Holiday Dress

I just bought my holiday dress fabric:

I don't know what style I'll be making, but I bought enough to make anything.  I'm thinking about using one of these patterns:

OOP Vogue 9162, the short version.  I just got this pattern from Etsy:

One of the styles from McCalls 7564:

Simplicity 8448:

OOP Butterick 3491, the sleeveless version:

Butterick 6019, either one, but with straps:

Butterick 6582, the fitted style:

OOP Butterick 6840, fitted or flared:

If I make a sarong, I'm also going to make a teeny tiny bolero, as I saw vintage sarongs paired with them on ebay.  Those vintage sarong dresses are absolutely beautiful!

Also, I don't know how this happened, as I usually only buy what I like, but I have fabric that I don't like in my stash.  So today, I am organizing and thinning my fabric stash.  I'm also going through my patterns today. 

But I am definitely also sewing something today.  


Saturday, September 9, 2017

Simplicity 1112 - A Classic Pair of Wide Legged Pants!!!

My first two tries at wide legged pants with fabric that had no drape were utter failures.  I figured out that the fabric was wrong for the style.  So I looked at my stash again and found some rayon in a classic print that drapes beautifully.  I pulled it and got to work.  I had more than enough for two pairs, the first was a muslin.  It fit alright, but I wanted it looser around the hips.  My second one is Da BOMB!!!

I used Simplicity 1112 and it was the easiest thing to sew.  On my final pair, I adjusted it to be looser around the hips because that was the style I was after.  But I also loved the pair that was fitted around the hips.  If I make this in a ponte, I will make it with fitted hips.  Here's the pattern:

The waistband on this is a separate piece for 1 1/4" wide elastic.  I love wide non roll elastic, so this was perfect for me.
I wore my pants with a cold shoulder top with an asymmetrical neckline and side ruching that I made with OOP Butterick 3391 a while ago.  I drafted my own cold shoulder sleeves:

Here's the pattern:

My other half told me that short people can't wear wide legged pants, and just his morning told me that again. It's alright to have a difference of opinion, but in the end, you always have to take your own counsel.  I love my new pants and will definitely be making more.


Thursday, September 7, 2017

Vogue 9862 - Hawaiian/Tropical Print Sundress

I made 2 muslins of wide legged pants and didn't like them.  When I find better fabric with more drape, I'll try again.

But what I did make that I am very happy with is another sundress:

This time I used out of print Vogue 9862:

I'm very happy with the way it turned out, and I'm especially happy with the fabric I chose.  It's a cotton Hawaiian/tropical print in vibrant shades of all the colors that I like.  It has a lot of colors, and yet, I don't think it's gaudy.  I really like it!

When I sewed this, I didn't make many changes.  I did, though, substitute in a circle skirt that is much shorter, and I replaced the button back with a zipper. 

I absolutely love this dress.  It is perfect for where I live and I know I will be getting a lot of wear out of it!

Needless to say, that plan I had about only sewing basics for a while, well, it's out the window.  I can't sew like that.  It's too boring.  If I stayed with it, I'd probably quit sewing.  I don't want to do that, so rather than throwing sewing out the window, I threw the plan out.

I don't know what I'll sew next, but I have to say that I am very happy that the sewn part of my wardrobe is growing by leaps and bounds.  I actually am wearing more of the dresses that I've made for myself than RTW pieces.   

Aloha till next time,