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Green Palm Print Slip Dress - OOP Vogue 1150

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Pullover Empire Knit Hoodie x 2 - OOP Simplicity 4887

The Simplicity 4887 pullover knit hoodie is the prettiest hoodie style that I have ever sewn!  I love that it has an empire line, a surplice bodice, fun narrow bell sleeves, was easy to sew, and that because of the style, it was easy to get a nice fit.  Wide bell sleeves don't work on me, but the narrow ones on this are TDF!

This is the sort of hooded top that looks like it belongs in the stylish and classic 1940s. It really is about as elegant as a hoodie can be!
I originally planned to make only one, but after it was finished and I tried it on, I loved it so much that I decided to make a second one.  Oh, did I forget to mention that it's easy and quick to sew, once you figure out how it goes together?!  It definitely is!  I made two in this round, but more are going to follow in the near future!

The front of hoodie #1:

The back:

The front of hoodie #2:

No back pic of hoodie #2 because it looks just like the back of hoodie #1.

The line drawing:

The cover of the OOP pattern, …

Autumn Wardrobe Plan 1 of 2 - OOP Patterns

I love making wardrobe plans and just put together two new basic plans for Autumn 2019.  I'm using only OOP patterns for one plan, and current patterns for the other plan.  I don't know if I'll sew everything, but I am sure going to try.

My main color is green, and my colorway is made up of colors that coordinate with green, like black, tan, and wine, etc.  I am keeping it loose because I am thinking that if I don't lock myself in fabric-wise, I'm more likely to stick to this plan until it's finished.

Here are the OOP pattern styles that I'm planning to sew.  As always, it's subject to change.  I'll share the board for current patterns at a later date:

And here are the pattern envelopes - I love classic styles:

Be back shortly with what I've completed.
Aloha, Summer

Attitude Shift + Vogue 1434 - Isaac Mizrahi Dress + Some Alterations

I honestly don't know what I was thinking when I thought I needed a style icon.

I know what my figure type is.  I know what styles are flattering on me.  If I put a little effort into it, I can keep a finger on the pulse of fashion and stay current.  I have everything I need at my fingertips and have decided to do it on my own. Style icon not needed. Yeah!

I love making wardrobe plans, but I swore off them because I rarely sewed everything in the plans I put together.  I am the type who finishes everything I set out to do, and the unsewn plans made me feel like "less than."  But, really, it's alright not to sew everything in a sewing plan.  I like putting them together, and I am going to resume making sewing plans.  Yeah!

On the actual sewing front, I've finished several things.

Vogue 1434, an Isaac Mizrahi design - I love the swishy skirt!

I used a cotton floral print from Walmart that I think is just TDF for this style!  

The pattern is a good one.  It's …

What's Happening Around Here!

I am happy to report that I have lost a dress size and a half, which is 15 pounds!  YAY!  I'm not done, yet, and am on my way to losing another 10 pounds.  I've already started trying on some of the clothes hanging in my closet and can clearly see that I need to toss the ones that I can't size down.  Some are faves, but, oh well.  When it's time to go, it's time to go!  I don't like clutter in my life!

I'm refreshing my wardrobe with some of these patterns:

And I refreshed my dolls' wardrobe with these Halloween costumes (Ice Skater, Skeletor, and Lady Bug):

I also got these accessories:


I Am Planning To Refresh My Wardrobe!

It's almost time to bid adieu to 2019, but before the year ends, I am going to drastically refresh my wardrobe.  I am taking good care of myself and really need to do this for myself.    

My first project is going to be something easy, so I'll be motivated to keep going.

The boyfriend  jacket from OOP Vogue 2023, (c) 1988, is up first:

Be back with the jacket shortly!
Aloha, Summer

Simplicity 8545 Camis and Shorty PJs

A while ago, I made some Simplicity 8545 camis, one to wear as part of a Shorty PJ set, and the other to wear just as a cami:


There's nothing much to say about these because I've written about them before and they are all very easy to sew.  You can read the earlier posts here and here.

Here's Simplicity 8545:

I used McCalls 5248 for the shorts:

Up next will be some work clothes that I made.