Tuesday, May 9, 2017

MMM 2017 - All of Week 1

Still trying to figure out my style, but looking at what I wore, I'm thinking that my style might be totally classic.  I'm now thinking that the most accurate way to find out what your current style is is to keep a pictorial trail of what you're wearing!

This is what I wore:

May 1, 2017 - Monday - RTW only:

London Times gray dress:

Eileen Fisher gray sweater:

May 2, 2017 - Tuesday - RTW - Calvin Klein black wrap dress:

May 3, 2017 - Wednesday - All made by me:

May 4, 2017 - Thursday - All made by me, EXCEPT for the swishy trumpet skirt.  I don't recall the brand of the skirt because I altered it to be shorter and did the alteration from the waist.   With that alteration, there went the tag!

May 6, 2016 - Friday - RTW Lauren skirt, Perception top, and made by me ITY waterfall cardi:

May 6, 2017 - Saturday - made by me top and RTW Lee Comfort jeans:

May 7, 2017 - Sunday - RTW Anne Klein top, Lee Comfort jeans, and made by me Butterick Lisette trench:

That's it for Week 1.

It's after the deadline and I'm still working on tops for Faye's sew along.  I got a new job and got sidetracked because it is a very difficult job - no, I mean REALLY difficult!  But hopefully, I'll finish the tops soon. 


Thursday, May 4, 2017

MMM 2017 - Days 1 thru 3

OMG!  I missed the first 2 days of MMM 2017, but I caught up on day 3 by wearing 3 things made by me.  Does it work like that?  Probably not, but it makes me happy to know that I wore an outfit that was totally made by me!

On Wednesday, May 3, I opted for a nautical look and wore these pieces:

I carried a blue bag and wore red Naturalizer espadrilles when I left for work, but in the afternoon, I  switched to a pair of red Nautica flats.

I actually like this outfit a lot!  Too bad it's so distinct, as that will limit how often I wear it.

Do you have outfits that you love, but can't wear too often because they're so distinct?  LMK as I'd love to hear about them!


Saturday, April 29, 2017

Sewing As Many Tops As I Can Today!

YAY!  Today is my sewing day!  I have the entire day to sew and I am not wasting any time.  I planned my projects carefully because I'm playing serious catch up for Faye's Tops that Pop sew-a-long!

I need basic tops that suit my style and that are easy to wear, tops that I can throw on with practically anything.  Right now, I don't want high fashion or trendy tops.  I want tops that will be in high rotation and this is the lineup that I came up with:

Simplicity 1051 (solid pearl gray woven and solid black).  I've already sewn a lot of this top and loved them all so much that I wore most of them out!  I definitely need more!

OOP McCalls 5435 (black ITY).  I made this previously in a red ponte and didn't like it.  The fabric was too thick for this style.  This time I'm making it with an ITY, and I know it is going to be a fave!

McCalls 5803 (black and white pinstripe cotton):

Vogue 7088 (View C in a solid red linen).  I was looking at RTW this past week and came across a top very similar to this.  I really liked it, but they didn't have my size.  It's lucky for me that I sew!

Simplicity 2422 (View B in a gray-black-white swirly print).  I also saw several RTW tops like this, but didn't want to buy any because I knew I could sew it.

Vogue 2570 (banker's gray knit).  I already have this in black, and red.  It's my fave cowl top style and I'll be really happy to finally have a gray one!

 Be back tomorrow with whatever I finish.


Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Blue Double Breasted Banana Republic Jacket

I went shopping yesterday for a jacket.  I checked Macy's first, then stopped by Ann Taylor, and found nothing.

I used to have some nice Banana Republic blazers that fit me well, so I stopped by there next. 

OMG!  They are having a fantastic sale.  Whatever is on clearance is an added 50% off.  I found a great jacket for around $26.  Yes, it cost around $26 and it is now in my wardrobe:

And yes, that is fringe along the front edge.  It's also double breasted, which I absolutely love!  At first, I didn't know their clearance items were marked down by 50%, so I was going to pass on it.  But as soon as I found out about the sale, I scooped it up.  I was surprised that they had my size. 

They had matching skinny pants, but I passed on them because they were low risers.  Low risers don't work on me.  Too bad they didn't have matching skirts, or I would have gotten one.

I think this will coordinate nicely with white, ivory, beige, navy. and black.  Guess I'll be sewing coordinates in those colors soon, to wear with this jacket.


Saturday, April 22, 2017

Butterick 5446 Done and My Completed SG Wardrobe

With the completion of my black sheath dress, all of the sewing for my SG Wardrobe is done:

I love everything that I made.  As a matter of fact, even if I just finished the black sheath dress, I've already worn it three times.  Twice, I paired it with an Ann Taylor jacket, and once, I wore it as a standalone, with no over:


I used a wool gabardine and know that I am going to wear this dress a lot!

I used long out of print Butterick 5446, which I found on eBay or Etsy around a year or two ago:

What I really like about this pattern is that it has front princess seams, a neckline that isn't too low, and can be made either with or without sleeves.

What would have made me like it even better is if it had back princess seams, too.  Instead, it has back darts.  Not my fave, but it's alright.

This is a TNT for me and I always sew it with these adjustments:
1. raised the waist
2. pinched out a little at the neckline and armholes to prevent gaping
3. lowered the neckline by around 1 1/2 inches because it was a little too high for my taste
4. shortened the length to fit me
5. pegged it a little at the hemline
6. I cut a size 6 at the neckline, shoulders and armholes, then cut the side seams at the size 12.  This gave me a lot of wiggle room and before sewing, I pin fit it to my size.
For this one, I also underlined to give it a little more body.

I like this dress a lot.  And I absolutely love all of the pieces of my SG wardrobe.  I know I'll be wearing everything in it a lot!  Thanks to Karen for coming up with 'wardrobe building friendly' rules!  YAY Karen!!!


Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Losing Weight with Portion Control

I just hopped on the scale a few days ago and saw that I had lost a total of 10 pounds.  At the beginning, I was 135 pounds and I am now 125.  Pardon me for gushing, but I am over the moon.  It was really hard getting past the 5 pounds lost mark.  I lost those 5 pounds on my own, and when I saw that I had stalled, I enlisted the NutriSystem 5 day meal packs that are sold at Walmart to help get me un-stalled.  The breakfast and lunches are sweet, and the dinners are mostly pasta dishes.  They tasted ok and they did get the pounds off.

What I learned from this is portion control.  The Nutri System portions are small and I got used to it.  I think that is what got the pounds off.

When I got down to 125, I stopped NutriSystem and started eating my own food.  I'm carefully watching my portions, and so far so good.  I am maintaining my weight.  I even squeezed in a chicken sandwich and chocolate shake from McDonald's yesterday and didn't gain a pound. 

I now believe that it's all about portions.

The REALLY great news is that I now fit in a RTW dress that I was just about to get rid of.  I've cleaned out my closet several times, but each time I cleaned it out, I could not bring myself to toss this dress.  This time, I made up my mind that it was outta here!  It's junior size 7 and it was my fave dress when it fit me.  At 135, I was bulging out of this dress and could barely zip it.  I just tried it on for what I thought was one last time, and SURPRISE SURPRISE!!!  It fits me perfectly again.

Happy Camper here!




Monday, April 17, 2017

Butterick 5988 - Black Sleeveless Top with Neck Gathers and Waist Tucks

I love the fitted and flared silhouette and am always on the lookout for patterns like that.  I've had Butterick 5988 in my stash for around a year, and Faye's sew along inspired me to finally sew it: 

Here's the pattern:

I love the gathered neckline and tucked waist.  Just love those design elements! 

For this top, I used a monochromatic striped woven that is soft and drapey.  It's perfect for this style.

I am an intermediate level sewer, and I find that neck bindings are not the easiest thing to sew.  The hang up is usually figuring out how to sew it at the back opening.  I sewed mine this way:

1.  Folded the binding in half, and to have a finished end, I tucked in around 1/4 inch at each end:

2. And then I sewed it:

I did it that way to give the center back part of the binding finished ends.  After sewing the binding to the top (see pic above), I folded it over and pinned it to conceal the raw neckline edges, then stitched in the ditch from the right side to finish it.  The binding ends up being quite narrow, as it's folded over once when it is attached to the top, then is folded over again and stitched in the ditch down for the final finish.  I used a top weight fabric and because of all of that folding, I don't think this would work with fabric that is thicker:

After that was done, but before the sides were sewn together, I attached the zipper and did a quick machine stitched hem. 

I love my new top!!!


Sunday, April 16, 2017

Butterick 5894 - My Bargainista Fashionista Dress Is Yet To Be Sewn

I had planned to make my Bargainista Fashionista dress yesterday, 4/15/17, but life happened.  My other half needed me, so I didn't get a chance to even start on that dress.  I chose an Ellen Tracy Dress that sells for $128 at Nordstroms:

I chose this dress because I love fitted and flared dresses, and this one has the added bonus of having  unique double princess seams.  I've never had a dress with double princess seams before and wanted to see what it was all about:

I chose a knit fabric in the same colorway.  I don't know how this fabric will handle or wear, but it came through the pre-wash and dry with flying colors.  So, I'm willing to try it:

Luckily, I have Butterick 5894 in my stash, which matches the Ellen Tracy dress very closely.  The only change I'll have to make is to the neckline, which will be relatively easy:

I need to sew a pair of pants and some tops first, but I'll be sewing this Bargainista Fashionista dress in the very near future.

I am almost finished with my square necked and underlined wool gabardine sheath dress.  All I have left is the hand sewing.  It never ceases to amaze me that my sheaths never photograph well on a hanger.  They always look so shapeless!  But when on, they look great:


Thursday, April 13, 2017

Vogue 2989 - Red Skirt for My SG Wardrobe

I just finished sewing a Vogue 2989 red skirt:

This is my second one.  I just love the style of this skirt.  When on, it looks like a fitted skirt, but the pleats give this a lot of room to walk in, climb stairs, etc, and makes it feel like a flared skirt. 

Except for shortening it a little, I didn't make any changes to the pattern.

With this skirt, my SG is one step closer to completion:

I'm working on the black sheath dress for my wardrobe right now.