Saturday, August 12, 2017

New Vintage Sweetie - Singer 403A

I just got a new vintage sewing machine with its own vintage table from Craigslist!  Here it is:

I've read about people finding this machine on Craigslist, but I never thought I'd find one because it's such a rare bird.  And I especially didn't think I'd find one on the same island that I live on!  Where I could actually go to pick it up.  BIG HUGE WOW!!!

After I got it home, I cleaned the machine and oiled it, and then I went online to learn how to thread it.  It is vintage and is not easy to thread.  After that was done, I tested it.  OMG!  It runs like a dream!

I can't believe that I get to sew with a sewing machine like this and with a machine that has its own table!!!

Right after I tested the machine, I went online and bought a buttonholer, a small monogrammer, a zipper foot, and a complete set of the top hats.  I want to get a few other accessories for it, too.  But that'll keep.

I've read really great things about this machine.  People who have them absolutely love them!!!  I guess now I'll find out for myself! 

Oh, there is one thing, the lightbulb is burned out.  But I don't think it will be difficult to change.  I'm just going to use my OTT light until I get a chance to pick up a replacement lightbulb. 



Thursday, August 10, 2017

I Am Loving OOP Patterns!!!

OOP patterns are the BOMB!!!  Whoa! OOP!!!

I have been really happy with the OOP patterns that I have, so I went looking around online even more than I normally do and found these:

I can't wait to sew these!!!

Aloha from Summer, who's sitting on an island in the middle of the Pacific!

Saturday, August 5, 2017

2 + 3 + 5 = 3 . . . WHAT?!?

In Summer's Sewing World, 2 + 3 + 5 does indeed equal 3!

I have been sewing like a maniac and made sheath dress number 2 with a lovely cotton pique that I found at a garage sale.  Can't find quality fabric like this in the stores anymore:

I got the floral cotton fabric for sheath dress number 3 at the same garage sale:

I made my sheaths with my TNT, OOP Butterick 4556 from the 1990s:

I also made twirly dress number 5 with some Waverly cotton that I got from Walmart:

For my twirly dress, I used 4547, my TNT from the 1990s Butterick Glamour Collection:

Yep! 2 + 3 + 5 = 3  Q.E.D.  :-)

I started out wanting to make 5 twirly dresses and I did.  I feel really good about following through on that.  Since that goal was met, I'm putting that pattern away for now.

I wanted to make 5 fitted sheaths and now only have 2 to go.  I haven't decided on the fabric, yet, but I will probably make one black and one white. 

After that's done, I am going to make some basic tees with Butterick 3344:

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The Butterick Glamour Collection

I have been under the weather and haven't been sewing.  I haven't been doing much of anything, but I did just add some great new old patterns to my pattern stash.  The pattern that I used for the set of twirly dresses that I made was from Butterick's 90s Glamour Collection line.  The styles in that line are not gown glamorous. They look more like polished day wear, and that is exactly what I want in my wardrobe, so I decided to look online for other patterns from that line.  There aren't too many of them around, but I did find a few for myself:

Butterick 6203 from 1992.  I have the perfect embroidered denim for the style with the cutaway shoulders:

Butterick 4047 from 1995.  I don't know what fabric I'll use, but I want the short dress with the v-neckline.  I love fitted and flared styles:

Butterick 5043 from 1997.  I have some Hawaiian printed fabric that I think will be perfect for the short halter version.  I might even make a top with this pattern:

Butterick 4441 from 1996.  I need a blazer to wear with my jeans, and this is perfect for that:

Butterick 5009 from 1997.  I like both the short dress and the simple jacket.  I have a Calvin Klein white denim jacket in my wardrobe right now, and while it fits me nicely at the shoulders and armholes, I can't button it up because it's really too small at the bottom.  I'm so looking forward to making the jacket from this pattern because it will fit me perfectly!  I prefer natural shoulders and the 1/2 inch shoulder pads that this jacket has will be drafted out.  

Butterick 4850 from 1990.  I have the perfect red linen for the sleeveless top:

I guess I am just an old throwback to the 90s because I really like the Butterick Glamour Collection styles above and can't wait to sew them!  


Monday, July 24, 2017

Butterick 5446 - Basic Fitted Sheath in black and white polka dots

I finished the first of my 5 fitted sheaths:

I used my TNT, Butterick 5446, which has front princess seams and back darts:

I really like the shallow v neckline so I frankenpatterned the neckline from the pattern that I used for my twirly dresses, Butterick 4547.  It worked perfectly!

I underlined the dress and serged all of the edges before I started sewing anything together:

I did this so the underlining wouldn't shift when I actually started sewing the pieces together.

Once  all of the serging was completed, it only took me around 2 hours to finish the dress.

You know, this sewing multiples thing is really working for me.  I just finished my twirly dress series and I've already worn them all.  I've even worn a few of them twice.  I really like the twirly dress style, so I'm going to sew a few more before sewing anything else. 

I also found another pattern that I want to sew multiples of, OOP Simplicity 4500.  I was browsing patterns on ebay when I saw it.  I normally don't like tops with zippered backs, but this looks super quick and easy to sew, and if I move the zipper to the front, it would definitely work for me.  I could wear this style with practically anything!

And alas, I am once again in the process of losing the 10 pounds that I lost last year.  That poundage somehow found me again!  DRATS! 

Have a great week!


Monday, July 10, 2017

My Sewing Plan for a Basic Style Wardrobe is Coming Along Nicely

My wardrobe plan made up of basic styles is coming along nicely.  I've already shared most of this, but want to have them all in one place, so you might want to skip this.

I spent yesterday cutting out 5 basic sleeveless sheaths from my TNT, Butterick 5466:

I also cut out my muslin for the Butterick 3344 long sleeved round neck basic knit tops that I want to make.  I'm just going to do a pin fit, so I should be adjusting it and cutting out 5 after work today:

For my basic skirt, I am using the raised waist skirt without a waistband from my TNT Butterick 5466. 

I want 5 knit skirts and will be making them with my TNT, Simplicity 2258:

I also want sleeveless woven tops in my wardrobe and will be making 5 button fronts with Butterick 3321.  I absolutely love princess seams and am not too fond of woven tops with zipper backs, so I am really glad that I have this pattern!

For my basic fitted shirt, I will be making 5 of Vogue 8747:

I'm also making 5 basic cardis with my TNT, McCalls 5799:

I need perfect fitting shorts and since McCalls pants/shorts patterns fit me best, I will be making 5 pairs of shorts with McCalls 5857:

5 pairs of boot cut pants with McCalls 6515:

I didn't get bored sewing the multiples of my twirly dress, so I don't think I'll get bored sewing multiples of my other basics.  I know that once they are all sewn, I'll have enough made by me basics so I won't have to worry about what to wear everyday, and I won't have to wonder if I'll feel comfortable in what I pick to wear for the day because the fit, color, and fabric will be just what I want.  And the days of thinking, ohhh do I have to wear solid black separates again today, will be a thing of the past. 

I tried SWAP sewing, but that just didn't do it for me.  I sewed several and after sewing my SWAPS, my wardrobe and I still floundered.  I think what I really needed were multiples of styles that I consider basics.   

Everything I am making to get my wardrobe to a comfortable place for me might look ho-hum, but they are going to be the workhorses of my everyday wear.  That I know for sure.   And I am very happy about that!