Monday, April 17, 2017

Butterick 5988 - Black Sleeveless Top with Neck Gathers and Waist Tucks

I love the fitted and flared silhouette and am always on the lookout for patterns like that.  I've had Butterick 5988 in my stash for around a year, and Faye's sew along inspired me to finally sew it: 

Here's the pattern:

I love the gathered neckline and tucked waist.  Just love those design elements! 

For this top, I used a monochromatic striped woven that is soft and drapey.  It's perfect for this style.

I am an intermediate level sewer, and I find that neck bindings are not the easiest thing to sew.  The hang up is usually figuring out how to sew it at the back opening.  I sewed mine this way:

1.  Folded the binding in half, and to have a finished end, I tucked in around 1/4 inch at each end:

2. And then I sewed it:

I did it that way to give the center back part of the binding finished ends.  After sewing the binding to the top (see pic above), I folded it over and pinned it to conceal the raw neckline edges, then stitched in the ditch from the right side to finish it.  The binding ends up being quite narrow, as it's folded over once when it is attached to the top, then is folded over again and stitched in the ditch down for the final finish.  I used a top weight fabric and because of all of that folding, I don't think this would work with fabric that is thicker:

After that was done, but before the sides were sewn together, I attached the zipper and did a quick machine stitched hem. 

I love my new top!!!